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For various complicated reasons, I now have a flat in Vauxhall. I remember the area around Fentiman Road from thirty years ago as containing a spattering of MPs. Returning now I discover it to be newly fashionable with the development of Nine Elms, the arrival of the US Embassy and the final development of Battersea… » read more

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Two Hundred Years of Europe

My wife’s family always kept a picture of the Emperor Napoleon on their downstairs loo. This was a practice which I do not follow, feeling it to be vaguely anti-European. In fact I should have recognised it as a tribute to the closeness in personal time of the Battle of Waterloo. Liz’s father had married… » read more

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The Lawson Mistake

  One can see why Conservative Euro-sceptics might be reluctant to let Nigel Farage lead the Out campaign. The man is not sound. He is not properly house-trained. He is capable of ill-advised jumps in policy designed to attract the attention that UKIP needed to maintain its upward direction. However despite his time in the… » read more

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